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MeraTutor.Ai streamlines course creation for educators, enabling personalized, self-paced learning for students anytime, anywhere using AI.

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School Admin Module

School Admin Module

Mera Tutor simplifies School Admin responsibilities by seamlessly handling subscriptions, AI credits, user onboarding, role assignments, analytics, and monitoring tasks.

Course Coordinator Module

Course Coordinator Module

MeraTutor.AI empowers Course Coordinators to add and manage educators, students, and courses, define batches, and assign teachers and guardians efficiently.

Course Creator Module

Course Creator Module

Mera Tutor enables Course Creators to outline courses, create lessons, generate practice questions, and analyze student progress with insightful analytics.

Educator Module

Educator Module

Mera Tutor empowers Educators to reward students, create tests, evaluate answers, track progress, review assignments, and make announcements efficiently.

Student Module

Student Module

MeraTutor.AI offers students an AI-driven online learning platform with tailored courses, diverse resources, and educator chat for independent learning.

Parent Module

Parent Module

MeraTutor.AI empowers parents to effortlessly track and stay updated on their children’s learning progress, ensuring active involvement in their educational journey.


Redefine Learning with AI

Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, MeraTutor.Ai redefines education. AI simplifies course creation for educators, providing quick access to high-quality resources. This not only saves time but also tailors content to individual needs. Students experience personalized, self-paced learning, offering flexibility and transforming traditional classrooms into personalized journeys. Welcome to the future of education with AI.

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What is MeraTutor.Ai?

MeraTutor.Ai is a cutting-edge educational platform driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), transforming the way we teach and learn. It utilizes AI to streamline course creation, deliver personalized learning resources, and monitor student advancement.

This empowers educators to offer customized education, enables students to learn at their own pace, and assists parents in tracking their child’s growth. MeraTutor.Ai represents the future of education, driven by AI solutions to allow students to learn anytime, anywhere.

Current Challenges in Education

The Need for Personalized Academic Courses

Experience education reimagined as MeraTutor.Ai takes on these critical challenges, empowering students with personalized learning solutions.


Generic Learning

Current education lacks personalization, despite unique student learning styles.


Crowded Classrooms

Large class sizes hinder individualized attention and quality teaching.


Rigid Schedules

Fixed class hours limit resource access, hindering effective learning.


Neglected Diversity

Students' varied learning styles and preferences are often disregarded in traditional classrooms.


Hear Directly from Our Founders

Watch these videos to explore the driving forces that motivated our founders to develop Mera Tutor, fostering personalized education.


MeraTutor.Ai Features


Why Should You Opt for MeraTutor.Ai?

Discover the Advantages of MeraTutor.Ai, offering personalized learning, skill assessment, and progress tracking to smoothen the learning experiences.

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For Educator

  • Save time with quick AI-powered course creation.
  • Access diverse data instantly, reducing research time.
  • AI continuously improves content and question quality by learning from samples.
  • Generate a variety of practice questions for comprehensive learning.
  • Monitor individual student skills through analytics, enabling personalized coaching.
  • Expand your course’s reach to a larger audience of learners.

students module

For Students

  • Access education anytime, anywhere via digital devices.
  • Get AI-tailored learning to individual skills, enhancing outcomes.
  • Chat with AI for immediate doubt-solving, anywhere.
  • Engage in enjoyable learning through quizzes.
  • Boost confidence and improve learning outcomes with AI support.
  • Develop self-learning discipline effortlessly and confidently

parents module

For Parents

  • Access high-quality AI-assisted education for your children.
  • Utilize data analytics to track your child’s progress.
  • Stay updated on your child’s learning through email notifications and dashboards.
  • Foster self-directed learning as AI allows children to progress independently..
  • Amplify parental support with this AI-boosted education platform.
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for expensive tuition classes.

Product Videos

Watch our product demos to discover how Mera Tutor personalizes education leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence. 


Who is MeraTutor.Ai For?

  • Central Universities
  • State Universities
  • Private Universities
  • Deemed Universities
  • Institutes of National Importance
  • Training & Skill Development Institutes
  • Digital Skills Providers
  • E-Learning Companies
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Our Testimonials

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