Welcome to MeraTutor.AI, an innovative artificial intelligence backed LMS, facilitating personalized education. Our Channel Partner Program aims to establish robust alliances with organizations keen on advocating MeraTutor.AI's services and utilizing our state-of-the-art technology to enrich their offerings.

As a channel partner, you'll be instrumental in broadening MeraTutor.AI's presence while receiving various perks and rewards.
Why Be A Partner With MeraTutor.AI

Program Overview

The aim of the MeraTutor.AI Channel Partner Program is to establish mutually beneficial relationships with professionals who share our vision and can contribute to our growth.

Upon joining our program, partners gain access to MeraTutor.AI’s full range of services, marketing resources, and technical support.

Collaboratively, we can streamline course creation for educators, enabling personalized, self-paced learning experiences for students anywhere and anytime, all powered by AI.

Be A Partner

Why Be A Partner With MeraTutor.AI


Opportunities for Revenue Growth

As a channel partner, you have the potential to create additional revenue streams by introducing MeraTutor.AI’s services to educational institutions.


Gain a Competitive Edge

Distinguish your organization and service offerings by presenting a cutting-edge AI-powered solution to facilitate personalized education.


Enhanced Client Satisfaction

Enhance your clients’ satisfaction levels by providing them with a reliable platform to eradicate the modern day education challenges.


Marketing Assistance

Access a range of co-branded marketing materials, including brochures, case studies, and digital resources, to effectively promote Mera Tutor.


Training and Support

Benefit from thorough training sessions covering MeraTutor.AI's features and advantages, coupled with ongoing technical support to ensure seamless implementation and client satisfaction


Collaborative Marketing Opportunities

Partner with MeraTutor.AI on joint marketing endeavors such as webinars, events, and thought leadership content, to enhance brand visibility and reach.

Be A Partner

Requirements To Become A Partner

To become a Mera Tutor channel partner, we expect the following from our partners


Alignment with MeraTutor.AI's Principles

Share our dedication to provide personalized learning experiences to students so that the educators can focus on more important aspects of imparting education.


Market Presence

Maintain a robust market presence and possess a network with educational institutions which could benefit from MeraTutor.AI’s offerings.


Sales and Marketing Proficiency

Demonstrate proficiency in promoting and selling MeraTutor.AI’s services to educational institutions, viz., schools, colleges, coaching institutions, universities and more.


Technical Knowledge

Possess a fundamental understanding of SaaS platforms and artificial intelligence and a readiness to learn and utilize MeraTutor.AI’s technical resources.

Step by Step

Steps to Join as Our Esteemed Partner

To become a Channel Partner with us for LegiCred, adhere to the following procedure:


Step 1: Registration

Complete the sign-up form on our website, providing your contact and company particulars.


Step 2: Initial Discussion

Arrange a call or meeting with our team to discuss your objectives and identify synergies between our entities.


Step 3: Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Upon mutual interest, execute an NDA to safeguard sensitive information.


Step 4: Partnership Agreement and Orientation

Conclude the partnership agreement and proceed with orientation, encompassing platform familiarization and resource provision.

“We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to grow your business. Should you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us.”

MeraTutor.AI Channel Partner Program

Partner with MeraTutor.AI

To participate in the MeraTutor.AI Channel Partner Program or for further details, visit our website at www.meratutor.ai. Alternatively, reach out to our partnership team at [email protected] or call +91-6280-339911. We look forward to collaborating and innovating the educational domain together.